Where are Our Principles?

I was listening to the “This American Life” podcast where they interviewed a woman who had a list of seven things you should never talk about in general conversation. It was just her opinion, but I found it amusing. Listen to the podcast here, and find out what she considers to be boring topics.

What intrigued me most about this story was not the list itself but rather the fact that she had a list. She had a principle that said, “I draw the line here.” 

A principle involves a person’s basic view and practice of life according to the values they possess; what they believe is right and wrong. 

Our society’s principle supply seems to dwindle each year. It is a lack of principles that steers poor parenting and makes spouses feel justified when their actions are nothing but selfish. Wonder why your family is dysfunctional? Can you name the principles you live by?

I was raised in the 90s so very little is sacred to me, and boy do I miss out sometimes. I crave uninterrupted dinner time with my family and the foundation that a strong Biblically based worship service offers. It is the sacred that grounds us and makes us human in a world that is ever-changing for whatever random reason it has decided upon at the moment. Without principles, we commit to nothing and believe in whatever we are told. 

A movement that is beginning to lurk into sacred territory is that stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day. Blogger Matt Walsh handles this topic extensively in his post, “If you shop on Thanksgiving, you are part of the problem.” For those families and individuals who are hurting, it is the unfulfilled promise offered by consumerism that maintains your pain and emptiness.

In the podcast, Mrs. Matthiessen, as she prefers to be called, gave me a nice chuckle about a lesson that we all need to consider long and hard. What are the guiding principles in your life? What do you say no to?