BOOK REVIEW: 28 Days to A Better Marriage by Dale Sadler

This is the Amazon review my friend Matthew Morine posted about my book. It has also appeared in the Rocky Mountain Christian.

Years ago I heard some advice about habits. It was said that to change or start a new habit you had to practice the new behavior 21 days in a row. If you wanted to break a habit, you had to stop the behavior for 21 days straight. If this advice is true, my friend’s book is perfect for a refresher in your marriage.

The author, Dale Sadler, is a personal friend of mine. We go back numerous years to the time that we both were working as youth ministers. He was doing an excellent job with a neighboring church, and we started to partner together for various youth events. This always created a positive dynamic because the young people enjoyed the added numbers and excitement. During Dale’s time as a youth minister, he also attended graduate school for marriage and family counseling. He completed his degree, and he presently has a growing counseling practice in White House, Tennessee.

Dale takes some of his best writing and produces an excellent book on having the relationship with your spouse that you have always wanted. This book would make an excellent guide that a husband and wife could read together to strengthen their marriage. Often, healthy marriages can go into autopilot. This book will help restore some of the passion, fix a few of the problems, and generally provide a tune-up for your most significant earthly relationship. It is wise to read a marriage book a year to help keep your marriage functioning at a high capacity.

The book provides 28 great chapters that are relatively short. Each chapter takes about 5 to 10 minutes to read, but will provide long-lasting advice that can help you. All of the chapters are interesting, but there are a few that really stand out. There are some highly practical ones, such as “How to Get Out of the Dog House”, “Do Affairs Just Happen?” and “Give Her What She Needs”. One of the best chapters is “How to be Romantic”, which probably every husband needs to read. An interesting chapter is “Stop Agreeing & Start Building.” All of the chapters are insightful and helpful.

The strength of this book is that it is easily translated into real life. The chapter on gift giving is so helpful. The author warns men about common pitfalls most men mistakenly step into in the gift giving process. He also highlights the key dynamic in gift giving, pursue her with the gift. It is not just about the object, rather the experience. Dale asks husbands the question, “If she had five hours to herself, what would she love to do?” This is just a preview of the practical nature of this book.

This is an excellent marriage book that will provide a great reminder of some of the positive behaviors that go into a great marriage. I highly recommend it.