Memories You’ve Not Had Yet

It’s funny how sounds, smells, and even the weather can bring about strong memories. Every time I smell scotch tape, I hear “Jingle Bells,” When I walk on a creek bank, my entire childhood comes back to mind and with the recent warm weather, I’ve thought about summers in Mississippi quite often.
It was the summer of 1998, when my wife and I were greatly anticipating our wedding day. I was working in New Albany, MS and she was in school about two hours north of there. The heat was unbearable and so was the anticipation of saying our vows. We spent every weekend together leading up to that day in Lafayette, TN. There were cookouts with the church, trips to Oxford, and shared dinners at Outback because we were so poor. Even today, if the windows are rolled down, if the temperature hovers close to 90, and if Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me” plays on the radio, I get transported back, and it is blissful.
Most couples share these memories and others have regrettably forgotten them. The dreams you had when you were dating, have they become nightmares? While you can’t really go back, you can form a new story and you almost have to because things are so different. It was easy then to find time with one another, but now it’s difficult with kids and work. However, it is possible. Don’t run from these precious moments. Make them happen. They will strengthen your marital bond, enabling you to stand against a world that does not want you to succeed.