5 Things Your Son Should Learn (but Probably Won’t)

Today’s family is so busy, blah, blah, blah. Listen, if you are going to make a difference in your child’s life and if he’s going to grow up to be something besides a lazy slob, you have to quit making excuses, quit leaving it to the schools, and quit spending time on things that aren’t important.
A woman in North Dakota handed out notes to kids she deemed obese and shouldn’t be receiving candy on Halloween. Did she overstep her bounds? I think so. Did she say something that needed to be said? Yes, because if your child is fat and lazy and you can’t see it, then somebody needs to shake you by the shoulders and tell you to wake up.
The following are things I believe every boy should know how to do because they teach much more than what I can list. Also, it means you’ll have to spend a good deal of time with him, which is something that he desperately needs.
  1. Basic Survival – This includes fishing, shooting a gun, handling a knife, and starting a fire. I don’t say this because I think the government is going to take my house away or that the zombie apocalypse is imminent. I suggest this because these skills will give your son a feeling of self-reliance and confidence like nothing else. Sitting by the fire with my son after a 5 mile hike has to be one of the greatest moments I’ve ever experienced.
  2. Personal Fitness – Your son may not be a sports star but he should be able to do a push-up and a sit up. He should also know what a baseball is and that too many chips aren’t good for you, but salads are.
  3. Talk to a girl – If your son hasn’t learned to hide his internet porn habit yet, he will unless you teach him that women are not objects put on this earth only for his pleasure. The pleasure part comes after you have committed to taking care of her for life. That’s called marriage.
  4. Handle Money – He probably works and works to save his allowance to buy the next video game that he desperately wants. (If you don’t have him engaged in some sort of chore/money routine, start that tonight.) However, he probably doesn’t think about saving or giving. He probably thinks only about what he wants. That’s not good. He’ll be headed for personal ruin if at some point you don’t begin a habitual savings/giving plan with him.
  5. Read – More than any other habit this will move him ahead of the competition no matter what the industry. It will expand his horizons and give him unlimited growth possibilities. Or maybe you’re OK with him living at home when he’s 30.
While you may be inclined to indulge your precious boy with every luxury you didn’t have, you are doing him a disservice. You are not raising a man if you miss the above lessons (or others not listed). Instead, you’re raising someone who will need personal care for a very long time.