SPEAKING: March 4 at the Sumner County Teacher Center

MEASURE stands for Mission, Element, Analyze, Stakeholders Unite, Results, and Educate. Each item in this acrostic works to guide school counselors in making a difference at their schools. Dale received top recognition at this year’s Tennessee School Counselor & Administrators Conference for his MEASURE submissions. He is also applying for RAMP Certification later this year. The two correlate a great deal.

RAMP (Recognized ASCA Model Program) was developed by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and does for a guidance program what SACS Accreditation does for a school. It proclaims that the program has met the standards set forth by its governing body. Dale would like to see all schools reach this level or at least begin employing the MEASURE method. Many schools may be doing these things already and just not know it.

Too often jobs are dumped onto counselors, and these tasks have little to do with what the American School Counselor Association and the state of Tennessee have laid out as counselor responsibilities. MEASURE tactics and RAMP certification help to avoid this by giving the School Counselor tools to justify his or her existence beyond making sure there are enough number two pencils for TCAP.

Administrators have a big role in this, too. Optimally, they should work with their school counselors to ensure that they are truly using their trained abilities. Dale believes that MEASURE and especially RAMP can make the guidance program an unstoppable force as schools race to the top and work to meet AYP.

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