School Counselor Animated Shorts

Most guidance videos are expensive and require a lot of classroom time. Don’t you wish you could show simple videos to illustrate a point? Dale Sadler did but couldn’t find them so he developed his own. This collection of animated shorts can be used to educate parents, impart positive messages to your students, or they can even be used as public service announcements on your local cable channel. Appropriate for grades 3-12, this DVD was well received at the Tennessee School Counselor Conference and can now be ordered here. Lesson plans with discussion questions and corresponding SPI’s* are included. Download it here for FREE.

Read a report on the effectiveness of animation in the classroom.

*Tennessee counseling standards based on the ASCA model.
The Possessed Test – 2:38

In this video, Jason decides to take his standardized test a little less than serious and instead, explores his artistic side.

Germ Free Huffing – 1:29

In this short, Mason uses the school’s hand sanitizer dispenser. RC (Robot Custodian), knowing that students misuse the product, confronts Mason. He then goes on to give a message to your students about why huffing is dangerous.

Don’t Be A Bystander – 1:47

In this video, Austin goes to school to face the bullying He’s been enduring for quite some time. Two boys meet him in the hallway and as a crowd gathers, many forms of bullying occur during this brief encounter.