Some Relationships Are Easy

Got my taxes done last week. Hal Toomey, in Franklin, KY does an excellent job for us and I highly recommend him. It’s funny how I see him twice per year (once to drop off tax return and once to pick it up) and we have a great relationship. We talk about each others kids. He’s actually been able to watch mine grow up. 
We don’t talk on Facebook, email or converse in any other social way, but twice per year we’ll have a great meeting with one another. Maybe it’s because I get a return every year. Who knows? What I do know is that this relationship is easy to maintain. I see him for about two hours out of the year and he gives me good news.
Some relationships aren’t this way. Two people who are madly in love with each other get married and soon thereafter they get a divorce. Some would say that this means that marriage is obsolete. Well, I don’t blame the institution, I blame those who don’t have a firm grasp on what marriage is.
Marriage is no longer “you and me.” It is us and “us” means that I must bend not break. I must think before I speak and I must be composed when I want to yell. It means sharing the good with someone special and because they are so special you know that there is nothing that is so bad that you would want to leave him/her. That would be devastating. It means you will work to be at your best because he/she will do the same for you and WOW is that good! Marriage means more than just a few calls each week. It means checking in because you don’t want him/her to worry. 
Some relationships require very little effort. Others, especially marriage, need work and time spent on them. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.