TN School Counselor Conference 2010 Is A Success

I thought this year went really well. The food was stupendous and there really seemed to be a lot of well prepared speakers. Kudos to Nicole Cobb and the National Center for Youth Issues for putting on such a great conference.
I’m very thankful for all those who turned out to listen to me. I try to pick a topic that won’t bore me in the hopes that it won’t bore anyone else. This year I spoke on the effectiveness of animated cartoons in the classroom. I’m going to do something with the presentation. Maybe make a youtube video out of it. Don’t know yet. For those who signed up to receive the powerpoint via email I’ll be taking care of that soon. The key note speakers were top of the line too. I always enjoy hearing and talking with Dr. Dahir. 
This was my first year to have an exhibit table. I want to thank my mom for helping me out. Employees who are willing to work for free is always good. Although she did get a nice lunch so it wasn’t totally without its rewards.
I sold a few copies of my DVD but wasn’t able to attend Tuesday because of the weather. So, if you wanted to buy one but were unable to because of my absence, send me an email and I’ll make sure you get the video without shipping costs.
The awards dinner was lots of fun especially with special appearances by Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Joan Rivers. I am very grateful for the honor I received as the top MEASURE award recipient. I know that many School Counselors are toiling away daily to make their programs the best they can be.
See you next year.