Speaking at Heritage Christian University

October 14, 2013
ELEVATE, a spiritual enrichment seminar, will be hosted on the campus of HCU October 14-16. The theme for ELEVATE 2013 is “The Sexual and the Spiritual”, and will address a host of issues facing Christians today. Over 35 sessions will be presented, including:
* Marriage Enrichment Seminar
* The DNA of Relationships for Parents and Teens
* The Biblical View of Homosexuality
* Marriage Counseling and the Minister
* Ministering to Children of Divorce
* The Church’s Role in Sex Education
* Preaching/Teaching the Song of Solomon
* How to Have “The Talk” With Your Children
* And many more
Whether you are a minister, elder, parent, spouse, or church member, there will be something to help you grow in your own faith and encourage others in theirs. A stellar lineup of qualified speakers will ask the hard questions and discuss biblical solutions.
More information and full schedule will be available soon. If you have questions, please contact us at 800.367.3565 or rpettus@hcu.edu.
My topic is “Human Sexuality: A Return to the Garden”

Our sinful nature that was realized in the garden can continue to keep us in a state of shame, hindering us from truly connecting with our spouses in the sexual relationship. In this session, Dale will discuss barriers to sex, the spiritual connection to sex, and ways those struggling can reestablish and maintain this precious link.