Gross Domino’s Pizza Video

If you’ve not seen the video go to and search for “gross domino’s pizza video”. I didn’t want to embed it here. It’s too . . . well, gross. A female and male employee filmed themselves doing gross things to customers’ pizzas. They then posted the video on youtube. I saw an interview with the female employee Kristy Hammonds Thompson (mother of two) on Inside Edition. She said that, “the person in the video isn’t who I really am. I’m a loving, caring person.” [paraphrased]

This is a prime example of the lack of responsibility and character in America today. Sorry, but that is you. The camera doesn’t lie. Sure, she made a mistake like we all have, but that is her. Her lack of judgment has apparently tainted her pretty bad. She can’t get a job because of the publicity this video has brought her. Well, that’s what happens. Too many young people and adults do not think about their behavior and then they believe their mistakes should just be excused. I’m sure she will be able to recover from this, but hopefully she won’t recover from the lesson of, “What you do defines you.”