See Miley Cyrus at the Pole, but She Won’t Be Praying

Miley Cyrus’ pole dance routine at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday has received a lot of criticism, but not from her dad. According to the Telegraph (

Billy Ray says he approves of her behavior. Well, of course he does. She’s been his gravy train ever since Achy Breaky Heart. He’s got to make sure it doesn’t stop. Although, it’s only two years until she’s eighteen, therefore she has to develop a fan base for when she begins posing for men’s magazines; following in the footsteps of Brittany Spears & Hillary Duff. How sad.

Billy Ray defended his daughter saying her moves were all good, clean fun. Where did he think he was; the Teen Choice Awards or Déjà vu in Downtown Nashville? Call it want you want, Miley seems to be on the path of many other teen actresses; that of selling her sexuality. Regrettably, our daughters get this message loud and clear. Ashley Tisdale did her part in proclaiming this mantra on America’s Got Talent. (8/25/09). Sexually provocative in her dress, she said, “Just have fun.” Interviews with Miley about being good and reading her Bible are forgotten as she wears less and less to appeal to the young boys who love her and the young girls who idolize her.

Preteen girls everywhere think, “I want to be like Miley, and I want to dress and act like her.” Even if they don’t think this way, a young girl’s self-esteem plummets when she realizes that she may never look like Miley who probably has more stylists than my car has spark plugs. It is particularly dangerous when a girl’s concept of beauty says that pretty girls have a certain body type and certain body features. This is a lie that we have been telling our girls ever since the first Barbie was introduced in 1959. Beauty takes many forms, and strong parents communicating this to their daughters will be well served. Hopefully, the latest cat to prowl down the aisle has not already thwarted these efforts.

While we watch these young women grow up on screen and slowly move into the “adult” realm, I hope we don’t allow our daughters to follow them. Scantily clad and having fun on stage does not translate well in the real world when girls go partying and guys get the wrong idea. Also, it distracts from what is truly lasting and beautiful about a person; things the camera does not show. Encourage your daughter to look inward and be happy with herself before she gets the wrong message from Hollywood.