Booking Information for Parents, Counselors, Teachers, Administrators, & MEASURE

For Parents:
“Video Game Addiction” (1 hour)

In this session Dale discusses the dangers of too much video game time, frightening some parents and alleviating the worries of others.

“How to Argue with Your Child & Win” (1 or 2 hours)
In this session Dale helps parents understand that arguing with their children is pointless. The only way parents can win is to not argue. So, parents must learn how to speak to their children in ways that deflect argumentative attempts.

Booking Info:
Both sessions are appropriate for parents with any age child.
$100 per hour plus basic expenses & $0.50 per mile.*

For Teachers:

“Coping with Difficult People by Robert M. Bramson”
In this session Dale goes through this stupendous work on interpersonal skills by Bramson and, in three hours, improves interaction within your school and between teachers & parents.

Booking Info:
This is a three hour staff development.
School – $300 plus basic expenses & $0.50 per mile.*
District – $500 plus basic expenses & $0.50 per mile.*

For Counselors & Administrators:

Part of the success of my MEASURE can be credited to Microsoft Excel. With the spreadsheet I have constructed over the last three years I have been able to show my work rather easily, but it wasn’t easy to learn. Graphs and formulas that function well together within a spreadsheet that has eight different tables was a daunting task, but I can teach your counselors and administrators how to do it. Then, they can formulate their own spreadsheets to illustrate their own MEASURE results.

This is a very powerful tool. It’s also very cheap. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a program that your faculty may or may not use, why not help them utilize a tool they probably already have on their computers; Excel. Visit Teachers Pay Teachers, type in “Phoenix Program” and download the free preview of my work, or you can purchase the full version there for $5.

Booking Info:
This is a three hour district wide training that requires access to a computer lab and Excel.
$500 plus basic expenses & $0.50 per mile.*

*Inside the state of TN, mileage cost to the school will not exceed $100 regardless of distance. Contact me if you’re out of state.