My Faith In Both My Fathers Has Been Strengthened

On Sunday, April 14, 2013, my dad was teaching the adult Sunday school class at the Carthage Church of Christ. In the middle of an excellent illustration of how we handle frustration, he falls out of the pulpit with a heart that was no longer beating. We discovered later that there were no blockages or any muscle damage; his heart just decided, “Hey, I’m done with this” and quit.

Quickly and decisively, a doctor, a nurse, and a member of the congregation performed CPR. The doctor was the husband of a girl I grew up with in that very building. They were visiting from Woodbury, TN. There were others responsible and we can’t say thank you enough to all of them. For seven minutes they worked to keep my dad alive until the ambulance got there with the defibrillator. Two high voltage shocks later, daddy was awake and knew everyone. No damage of any kind has been reported by the doctors. Here are some thoughts.

God wasn’t ready for dad to go. I am a firm believer in the providence of God and this is your best tool against worry or anxiety. God WILL take care of you. No matter what situation occurs, God will be there to guide you in this life or to an eternal home. So, depend on Him and let Him take care of everything.

Second, many will ask, “why did this happen?” Well, dad’s heart stopped because of an electrical issue. It sometimes gets out of rhythm and I suppose this is a side affect of that condition. I’m sure this is not the spiritual answer that most would expect from such a serious event. I believe a better question to ask when faced with times like this is, “What?” “What are you going to do now that God has spared you? What have you learned from this event?” We can ask “Why” all day long and not really be satisfied. “Why” searches for a cause in the past and “what” searches for an answer to the future. Where would you rather be?

Events like this keep us affixed to the world around us and how the simplest things mean so much. These times also make us keenly aware of our Heavenly home. Which ever you meet on this day, may you see the blessings found therein.

Finally, I am left hoping for more days with my dad and mom. We have a trip planned for the fall and if I can talk him into it, we’re going camping. I’m sure it won’t take much convincing.