Cosmo . . . Child?

The other night I was surfing the TV and came across a “cop show,” as my dad would call it. The episode was about an investigator who went undercover to catch a recovering sex offender because the police believed he had raped a young girl upon his release. During an internship for my Marriage and Family Therapy degree I worked with sex offenders so the show interested me. At the episode’s climax, the offender told the cop that the world is obsessed with sex. His comments surrounded the fact that sex is used to sell everything and everywhere he looked he saw his temptation: young girls. He’s right about one thing. Sex is used to sell everything; even little girl’s clothing.

A few days prior to this I was at our pediatrician’s office and saw a flier for a local clothing store named Spoiled Rotten. The store caters to the fashion needs of upper-middle class mother’s who buy for their daughters. On the cover of the brochure was a young girl (approximately 8 years old) with an expensive hair-do and a truck load of make-up. She was standing very provocatively in a tight outfit. This image came to my mind after the offender’s comment because that is what he was talking about. His character was sick and twisted but he made a good point. Why must we dress our little girls like they are on the cover of Glamour or Cosmopolitan. They are not sex objects and should not be paraded around as such. Secondly, why do I want my child to be “Spoiled Rotten?” There’s nothing good about that.

If and when the Lord blesses my family with a little girl I will teach her to exercise her brain so that she will be known for what comes out of her mouth, not for what she puts on her body. Sorry Barbie, but material things won’t bring you happiness. I’ll leave the spoiling to granny and pa on the weekends, but I will make sure that this is done in moderation.

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  1. Joe, AOL Journals Editor July 24, 2006 / 10:49 pm

    Hi Dave — just stopping by in response to your e-mail. Your blog looks good, hope you keep it up. Best — Joe

  2. Verity July 26, 2006 / 2:48 pm

    I know exactly what you mean. It makes me sick when I see 8-year-olds dressed like 18-year-olds. This is so wrong. Where has modesty and little-girl innocence gone?!! I pray that we have not lost it.

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