Prepare Now for Your New Year’s Weight Loss with Advocare

It happens every year, when we wake up December 26 in a holiday stupor. We are bloated from all the food and somehow perplexed that there’s a tree in our living room. Then, all the morning news shows begin to guilt us into losing those “unwanted pounds in the new year.” Even Richard Simmons will make an appearance, I’m sure of it. Well, at the risk of sounding mainstream, Advocare can help you lose those holiday pounds.
I have gone through both LA Weight Loss and Weight Watchers, and I have been successful with them. However, I felt like I was missing something. Yes, I was missing fat, but without the supplements offered by Advocare I was losing things I needed. I was sluggish and my muscle mass also diminished. A lighter man is no good if he is a weaker man. Items like Catalyst, Spark, and the delicious Chocolate Meal Replacement have made me believe that Advocare is where I will find ultimate success. There are no meetings to go to and you can actually make money on it! How’s that for opportunity? A thinner waist and a fatter wallet. You can’t beat that.
There are some things you need to do to prep, so contact me and we can talk about you actually meeting those goals you’ve set for the last several years.