Change Now and You Won’t Regret It Later

As I have told people about me working to lose weight through the Advocare program, their first response is, “Now? During the Holidays?” They’re right. It is the absolute worst time to lose weight. No other month long period has more scores of delicious food. Plus, this is the only time of year some foods are typically prepared. However, I’m fat all year long and I’m tired of being fat. I didn’t want 30 more days to extend my waistline. Plus, the time of year has nothing to do with it. It’s all on me. What I decide I’m going to eat. This is a lifestyle change; not a one time try it and see change.
Your frame of mind on food is very important when trying to eat right. For instance, some food just isn’t worth it. Are you telling me you can’t say no to fruitcake and pumpkin pie? Both have to be the most mediocre desserts known to man. Also, never am I more disappointed than when I bite into a cookie and realize it’s an oatmeal raisin. My first thought is, “this would be really good if it were a chocolate chip cookie.” 

There has to be food you say no to and these are just some of mine. I also say no to Sonic French fries. Realize that you have a choice in your food intake, and begin saying yes to food that is good for you. You can still have the foods you enjoy, but your clothes will fit better.
It’s not easy. I have guidance and help through the Advocare program. You can get this too.

My Personal Progress after the 24-Day Challenge
Weight Lost – 13 pounds
Inches Lost – 14.5

The new year is right around the corner. Contact me and we can begin discussing your health improvement plans for the new year.