BOOK REVIEW: Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman

Klosterman’s take on life through the eyes of a jaded gen-xer is not as depressingly solemn as you might think. It’s funny, witty, and in some spots even charming. You could go the rest of your life and never read this book, and some will want to avoid it. (Too many f-bombs for my taste.) These always seem to cheapen anything. However, the rest of his word choice, analogies, and sentence structure are superb.

His essays on The Sims game franchise, Pamela Anderson, and MTV’s Real World are more than just his opinion about what’s in the cesspool of pop-cutlure. Rather, they are the foundation for his discussions on topics that actually matter. He ponders questions like, “Is Gen-X lost? How obsessed are we with race? Does what we watch on television actually influence how we act?” His answers will cause you to think about your relationship with society at large as it pertains to all things pop. No great answers to life issues, just somewhat thought provoking.

This pseudo-psychological/sociological analysis will make you think and laugh about “The Coolest Generation.” We are not the greatest but we are great at being cool, he says. This is indicative in the movies we watch and the music we listen to. Which he also takes jabs at Billy Joel, stating, he was not a cool rocker but he was great and that’s why we liked him. On the other hand, he continues, David Lee Roth was cool and we wanted to be like him.

Overall, what he discusses isn’t really important but that’s the point. Why is Star Wars overrated, what does basketball have to do with cereal, and his hatred for soccer are all just some of the entertaining topics. Plus, they will make you think about yourself and even society. I did find it to be a very narrow-minded take on pop-culture as many of his statements are blanket. I do think he is right to a degree in his conclusions but given that these are one man’s opinion, they are obviously not definitive.