Elementary School Massacre; Newtown, Connecticut

Seeing aerial footage of an elementary school on a national news station is always scary for me. I work in a middle school as a counselor and I am a parent of two wonderful children. My wife is also a teacher.

From NBCNews.com: A young man clad in black and carrying two guns shot up an elementary school in a small Connecticut town on Friday, leaving 18 small children and eight adults dead in one the nation’s worst school massacres, law enforcement officials said.

For the next several weeks, gun proponents and opponents will be going at it. Religious fanatics, moderates, and atheists will also throw in their two cents, and philosophy after philosophy will be discussed, dissected, and ridiculed over “what is happening to our children/society/world/schools.”  

Whoever or wherever you are in this discussion, don’t miss the point that the most important thing we can do as individual members in our society is not write our congressman or stock up on ammunition but love our children and teach them right from wrong. This will change our world beyond any other ideology imaginable. 

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