“But I’m hungry all the time.” Not with Advocare.

Hungry allthe time is too much. However, you are supposed to be hungry a couple of hours after every meal. You should be eating a lot, just not all at one time. AdvoCare can show you how to do this.
I have been that unhealthy fat consuming machine and I’m working on changing that. Just how bad have I been? To give you some perspective, I’ve been comatose after eating three slabs of ribs in a single sitting. Also, the plate of wings at Outback that are supposed to be shared among four people is my regular meal along with a salad and a Bloomin’ Onion to start. I can down a 40oz milk shake in less than three minutes, eat bowls of cake and ice cream, and easily drink hot sauce. Well, just because I can do these things, it doesn’t mean that I should. 
There are some circles where such feats of gluttony are prized, but I no longer want to have any part of that. I want to act healthy, eat healthy, and be healthy. I can still eat foods I enjoy sometimes, but by being a healthier person I can also run in obstacle course 5Ks like the WarriorDash and the Mud Run. My times were pitiful last year, and I plan on remedying that.