Three Things You Must Get Right In Your Marriage


I love the above picture. It’s a reminder of how things change and of how people can believe they are so right about something yet be so wrong.

The picture is from the Tour De France, sometime in the 1920s. Back when smoking was considered healthy, this made perfect sense, but now we know better. Unfortunately, many have died discovering this fact for themselves. The same can be said for our marriages. We know there are better ways but we don’t take the time to consider them or look for how we can improve. Instead, we continue to have a marriage where we aren’t fulfilled.

What are some areas in your marriage that you need to improve? The following are pretty typical.

Learn to communicate better and while this is a standard answer, it is one that continues to be proven over and over again. Couples know how to yell at one another but they don’t know how to listen. They know how to complain about what’s not happening, but they don’t know how to ask for what they want.

Meet the needs of your spouse. Don’t know what they are? He/she probably doesn’t either. Willard F. Harley’s book does a great job of outlining how this issue can be resolved in your marriage. When needs aren’t being met, spouses often look elsewhere.

Learn to spend time with your spouse and enjoy it. If your daily routine does not involve regular time spent with your each other, a real change must occur. While you might not spend every night enraptured by one another, sitting close on the couch will go along way to communicate love and affection.

Life is made up of the little things and the little things must be done right.