More Than Salads, A Lot More: The Advocare Way

Most people equate weight loss with eating nothing but rabbit food. Well, while you do need to eat more greens for a generally healthy diet, you are able to eat like never before through the Advocare program. Protein is a huge component. This morning, I had FIVE eggs for breakfast (1 whole & 4 whites) along with some oat meal. I’ve never eaten so many eggs in one sitting in my life.  

I’m actually eating all through the day, but I’m eating all the right things. Additionally, the supplements from Advocare help me get all the nutrients I’m supposed to have so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something or losing muscle.  Plus, I feel great and this is why I’m an Advocare user and distributor. I want others to know the wealth of benefits that come from eating well. A healthier you is a happier you is a more pleasant time at home with your family.