We Have A Boyhood Epidemic

We have a dire situation on our hands. We have males who have come of age, but haven’t left the egocentric world of boyhood. They don’t know how to treat their wives or be fathers to their children. This type of “boy” put his priorities first and these priorities do not include his family.

If given the choice, he would buy a new hat before thinking to buy his wife flowers or even milk when needed. He would text his buddies about fishing before thinking about teaching his son to cast. His feelings come first and the expression of those feelings is more important than how they affect his family. He indulges in alcohol to excess, obsesses over his hobbies, and justifies inappropriate relationships with other women. Flights of rage are also justified no matter how many times his wife calls them abusive.

What went wrong? His parents probably made him feel good all the time and never made him feel guilty about his mistakes. Therefore, guilt is a feeling he shouldn’t have and anyone who makes him feel it is wrong. He gives few people respect and fails to understand why no one gives it to him. They are the one with the problem. He is rarely honest especially when a lie suits his needs better.

What will happen? This boy will continue to destroy his family until his wife has had enough. She’ll leave him and find herself a man. A man who wants to care for her and his new step-son or daughter. A man who thinks before he speaks, acts instead of reacts and puts all other before himself. These are the traits of a real man.


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