May Time Magazine Cover: Right or Wrong

Is there such a thing as too much parenting? Yes. It’s called enmeshment and can keep a child from developing into a self-sufficient human being. A child should be close to his parent. A child should feel safe and loved. However, should a three, four, or even a six year old continue to breast feed? According to the latest Time magazine cover, yes. 

The things that a parent who practices attachment parenting wants to accomplish can be done at earlier ages such as infancy and don’t need to be prolonged for the desired benefits of closeness to take hold. Also, nourishment can be gleaned from regular food. I don’t treat my seven year old like I do my three year old. They have different needs. Attachment parenting keeps toddlers and young children in a overly dependent state for longer than necessary.

There has been lots of talk about how extended breastfeeding is natural and biological. Well, just because something can be done doesn’t mean that it should or that “society” will approve. I’m not always for doing what society wants, but society, by its general nature, strives to do what is ultimately best for all involved. I think that limiting the amount of time a child depends on his mother’s milk is one of those. A second would be getting the child in his own bed at an early age. 

I like what this article says:

I’m curious, though, whether [attachment parenting] has been validated in research studies. A quick Medline search of the term “attachment parenting” yielded many studies showing that kids who don’t form strong attachments to their parents are worse off than those who do, but none that I saw that actually tested the precepts of attachment parenting like co-sleeping and prolonged breastfeeding.

Also, what happens to a couple’s sex life when baby makes three in bed? And where’s the fine line between being an attached parent and becoming one of those nuisance helicopter parents that kids try to escape by heading across country to college?

Well said. Read the article in its entirety here.