Are You Raising A Wimp?

The month of January has been cold to say the least. Much of the southeast has seen prolonged temperatures that haven’t happened in a long time. Especially in Tennessee, we are a bit crazy when it comes to the cold. We don’t have snow blowers or even shovels much because we know that even if we get several inches, it will melt in a day or two. No big deal. Head a few hours north or south and it is a completely different story. They are either constantly dealing with the white stuff or they have never seen it. 

To give you a little more of a window into Tennessee weather as it relates to the cold, many people don’t own heavy jackets. Unless you hunt or work outside, there’s little purpose for them around here. They are more of a fashion statement. Furthermore, our buildings are heated well and so long as you can stand the temp from your car to the door, who needs gloves, a hat or a scarf? I suppose people who live in Michigan do but not us. 

Given the winter of 2014 many parents may reconsider whether or not they will equip their children with adequate cold wear next season. Many cry out when the mercury dips below 20, “it’s too cold to send our kids to school.” Granted, there are some of these circumstances where the cancelling of school might be necessary. I would submit that this might also be an indication that parents aren’t working to prepare their children for difficult times in general. 

All too often parents try to hide their children from any form of discomfort. Why? It is through difficult times that a child is made stronger and learns he or she can do it himself. I am not suggesting that we send our children outside when it’s five degrees to see who will come in first. Frost bite is real, people. But I am asking all parents to look at their behavior and ask, “Am I developing a strong individual or raising a wimp?”