Why Won’t My Child Act Right?

In my practice, I speak to a lot of struggling parents. I want and they want me to give them THE answer that will make their child act right, but we know it’s not that easy. I wish it were. However, if I had to give someone a key to improved behavior in their children, this would be it.
Recognize when and what he’s doing wrong, acknowledge it, and deal with it. If you’re not sure, trust your instincts. Too many parents allow their child to do wrong. This is simply a license to misbehave. Why is he misbehaving you ask? Because you’re letting him! If he gets away with it once, he’ll expect to get away with it again. Also, he’ll be mad at you for saying anything in the hopes you’ll go back to your Facebook game and leave him alone.
When your child does act up, and after you’ve corrected him, you must return to loving him. This can be difficult, particularly in extreme cases. Staying mad the rest of the evening will only send him the wrong message. Discipline with love and move on. Don’t dwell on it.