Why Am I Not Happy?

When touring, the rock band Van Halen had a strange request in their contract that was to be carried out at each show. There were the typical requirements for the dressing rooms and the lights, but they also asked that there be a bowl of M&M’s with all the brown candies removed. Now, were Eddie and David just a couple of spoiled divas? Probably, but this request was actually quite clever.
There’s a lot to remember when putting on a big concert, especially when the group has nine trucks of equipment. The M&M factor was the group’s way of knowing whether or not the venue organizers read the contract. Although silly, if something as easy as removing brown M&M’s was missed, what else did they forget?
In his autobiography, David Lee Roth said that if the brown M&M’s were there, you could guarantee that something would go wrong; it might even be life threatening. This practice was the band’s way of telling, very quickly, how things were going to go. They would often have their own crew check things if the brown ones were there.
I have several brown M&M’s concepts in my life. My lawn I believe indicates that if I have adequate time to care for it then the rest of my home (family specifically and other obligations) must be in good shape too. Also, regular exercise is an important part of my life. By making time for this I am taking care of my physical health. My wife is happy and my kids run to me every time I come home. What else is there?
What are your brown M&M’s? Are you caring for your physical health? If not, your mental and emotional health can suffer. Do you enjoy time with your family? If not, there’s some definite work that is needed here. Possibly a job change or counseling would help.
Sometimes we spread ourselves so thin that we have little energy to do the important things. On the other hand, we may be trying to do so many “important” things that we lose the joy we once had. We major in minors, minor in majors, do those things that don’t make us happy and wonder why we are so sad all the time. We’re chasing a dream and it forever eludes us because we don’t do those things that are fulfilling and provide long lasting satisfaction.
What’s missing in your life? Find a way today to fix it or add it. Somehow you need to be honest with yourself and answer the questions that are staring you in your face. Am I happy? Is my family happy? Now, what am I going to do to improve? You might even want to grab a bag of M&M’s while you think this over.