A Video to Help with RTTT

It’s been a while since I last posted something. I’ve been busy working on my presentation for the Tennessee School Counselor Conference. I’m producing three videos to show and to sell. One is on huffing. The rough version of this can be seen on my youtube channel. The second is on bullying. I just wrote the script for this one today. The final video is on standardized testing and with RTTT (Rise To The Top) here in Tennessee, I know this one will be more pertinent than ever. My children’s book, More Than A Stove will be for sale and I’ll have information on a parenting product that I truly believe in. It’s called The Total Transformation. Read my reviews here.

My session is scheduled for Monday in room Cambridge B from 10:45am-12pm. The following is my session’s synopsis.

“The One-Eyed Monster Can Be Our Ally”

Most guidance videos are expensive and require a lot of classroom time. Don’t you wish you could show simple videos to illustrate a point? I wanted this but couldn’t find them so I developed my own. During this session, I will take you through some important topics like bullying & huffing, all with the help of cartoons I have produced. There’s even one on standardized testing.

These cartoons can liven up a lesson, slowly infect your students with positive messages, or they can be used as public service announcements on your local cable channel. See my table in the retail area and participate in this session to learn the influence that is possible with these animated shorts.