Is Advocare A Crash Diet?

I wouldn’t call Advocare a crash diet because I have no plan to crash at the end and gain all my weight back. Advocare is a way to lose some stubborn pounds and begin a new lifestyle. So actually, it’s a jump start. 

Relatively speaking, maintaining your weight is easier than losing it. I’ve weighed the same since high school. Now, I can’t powerlift 500 pounds anymore so there has been a loss of muscle of course, but I weigh the same and wear the same sizes.
In any case, losing weight is definitely the tough part. Advocare makes it easier by giving you a method to lose a lot of weight quickly over their 24 Day Challenge. It is during this challenge that you will drastically change your eating habits and lose weight. The goal is then to keep the weight off which is what you want to do. 

If you have no desire to continue healthy eating habits after this challenge, you will ultimately fail. However, the path Advocare puts you on can be maintained, and with the supports it offers, that is possible for anyone willing to try.

My Progress: As of day eleven in the 24 Day Challenge, I have lost 9.4lbs and a total of 8.25 inches. I am now starting the 14 day segment where I alternate burn and refuel days.