Why Your Wife (& Daughter) Love Edward, Jacob, and the Twilight Series

Millions of women and girls will be flocking to theaters this weekend to see the much-anticipated finale of Twilight; a love story between a mortal and a vampire. Sounds great doesn’t it? With all the glory this movie gets, it also receives its fair share of gaffs from people who scoff at the very idea. I don’t think it’s all that bad.
Regardless of which side you’re on, Team Edward, Team Jacob, or team “give me a break,” at the heart of Twilight is the ageless conflict surrounding two love-struck people. Shakespeare understood it when he wrote “Romeo and Juliet,” and if men today can understand it, they might become better husbands. Here’s why.
First, Edward fights for Bella. This is what your wife wants. Someone who will fight to show her that he is the one who can make her happy. If the man makes his wife happy, she will make him happy, so quit waiting on her to change. You must continue to pursue her the way you did in the beginning of your relationship. It was a beautiful dance then and can be today.
Second, Edwards wants to protect Bella. Throughout the story he lies, attempts suicide, and is generally tormented by the fact that by being with him, she is in danger somehow. Your wife’s well-being should be at the forefront of your thoughts too. This is what she wants. This is why she likes it so much when you think of her first; just because you love her.
Third, Jacob, the competing suitor, loves Bella too. For most of the series anyway Jacob works to win Bella’s heart away from Edward. Your wife loves this back and forth conflict. It shows that Bella is desirable and this is what your wife wants you to think of her. A man who works to show his wife that he chooses her everyday, will have a happy wife. Putting things before her 100% of the time when you could use some of your time to spend with her says you are not choosing her. 
Finally, Edward respects Bella. He was born over 100 years ago and thus has a different value system than young people today. So, he saves himself sexually for marriage. Coming from a guy, this type of chivalry will mean a lot to your daughter. Many girls work to win guys over with the promise (or at least the thought) of sexual activity. Well, many guys will respond and then leave the girl in his dust. This can have negative long-term emotional effects on your little girl. Help her see that a boy who loves her will not require that she give her body to him outside of marriage.
Women enjoy love stories because it is what they want in their own lives. Someone to fight for them, protect them, love them, and respect/understand them. Give her these things and you’ll have a happy marriage. Team Edward all the way.

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