Do You Have A Christian Worldview or Is It American?

I often wonder whether or not Jesus would be proud of what most Americans consider good about our country. In comparison to His day, we live in massive homes, eat better than the richest of bible days, and leisure activities abound. WWJD?

I believe our country was founded on Christian values. There are too many references to God in our early days to deny this. Watch this video on YouTube for more. However, is everything a good red-blooded American does, Christian? Of course not, but the line between what is American and what is Christian can be blurred, and if we are not careful, we could move further and further away from the Bible in the name of America. 

The following paragraphs are from a blog entitled, Instrument Rated Theology by Paul Smith and illustrates well my thoughts on Jesus and America much better than I could say them. I don’t agree with everything the author says on his blog but I think the following points are worth considering for those who truly want a Christian worldview.


“Why have we lost a Christian world view? At least in America I would have to say that one of the chief reasons is that for too long we have equated ‘Americanism’ with Christianity. If America did it, it was Christian, because we are a Christian nation. . . . . . The Constitution is quoted as much, if not more, than the Bible, and often people do not recognize the difference. The Bible has been wrapped in the American flag, and a Christian world view has been replaced by a distinctly cultural one.”

From his post entitled, “Losing the American Worldview”

If we are not careful, “Jesus becomes a pistol toting, placard wearing, union loving, scientific thinking free market capitalist. Truth is he was none of those things. He was a ‘pre-modern’ Jew in a Roman backwater country where bartering was the primary method of exchange and freedom of speech meant you could say anything you wanted as long as you praised the Caesar and the Jewish High Priest. John Wayne was American to the core. Jesus of Nazareth was not.”


May we use the blessings God has given us in this country to further His purpose, but may we not confuse ALL that we do as Americans with the will of our Creator.